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Ultimate Sellability Score Litmus Test

The Litmus Test For Every Business

The ultimate test of your client’s business involves a simple question: would someone want to buy the company?

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Our Advisors 

Our customers are advisors (accountants, M&A professionals, financial advisors, business coaches and consultants) who offer The Sellability Score assessment as a way to start the conversation about what drives the value of a business.

For advisors interested in building a professional practice around helping clients maximize the value of their business, we offer the Certified Value Builder™ professional designation.

Sellability Score Customers
The Science Behind The Sellability Score

The Science Behind the Score

The Sellability Score algorithm was developed using a quantitative survey of business owners and is continually refined, based on the thousands of business owners who get their score each quarter. We also provide our advisors with quarterly benchmarking data from the users of The Sellability Score tool, so that you and your clients can track the liquidity in the private business markets.

Sellability Premium

Those rare businesses that achieve a Sellability Score of 80 or above receive offers that are 71% higher than average, which means you can quantify the economic value of your advice.

Sellability Premium Business Graph
Built To Sell

Our Inspiration

The Sellability Score was created by a team of researchers led by John Warrillow, author of the international bestseller Built to Sell: Creating A Business That Can Thrive Without You. The Sellability Score suite of tools offers advisors a way to start a strategic conversation with a business owner. 

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