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The Sellability Score is an interactive tool offering a comprehensive assessment of the “Sellability” of a business. Together with our Sellability Score advisors, we’ve started a movement to create a million sellable businesses by 2050.

Our advisors (accountants, M&A professionals, financial advisors, business coaches and consultants) offer The Sellability Score assessment as a way to start the conversation about what drives the value of a business. Owners who take The Sellability Score for the first time typically score low in at least two areas, which triggers a series of opportunities for you, their advisor, to add value. After all, every business owner can benefit from increasing the value of their largest asset, even if they don’t plan to exit for decades.

How Advisors Leverage The Sellability Score

Customer Comments

John Starling Sellability Score Quote

John Starling
, President
 Business Exit Forum


"Business owners are allergic to talking about their exit plans. The hardest thing for an advisor to do is get a business owner to sit down and start an exit planning conversation. The Sellability Score is an ideal conversation-starter. I highly recommend it for any professional advisor looking to cash in on the succession planning boom."


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Peter G. Christman, CEPA
, Co-Founder of the Exit Planning Institute


"The Exit Planning Institute and its members were one of the first business alliances of The Sellability Score. Our members have found The Sellability Score to be a fantastic tool to start talking about exit planning with business owner prospects. They have used it for initial contacts, workshops and seminars. Our members also use the tool with their referral partners and as a benchmarking program with clients.

If you are involved in attracting business owners as exit planning clients. I can't think of a better tool to begin this process with. As the old saying goes, "try it, you will like it!”


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